They Have Made Many Predictions About What We Can Expect To See In The Future If We Continue To Keep Up Emitting Greenhouse Gases At The Current Rate.

Some Simple Guidelines For Speedy Strategies Of Effect Of Global Warming

Straightforward Tips On Significant How To Prevent Global Warming at Elements For Effect Of Global Warming are more and more greenhouse petroles in the atmosphere, more heat is trapped which makes the Earth warmer. A study from 2014 investigated the most common climate engineering methods and concluded they are either ineffective or have potentially severe side effects and cannot be stopped without causing rapid climate change. 222 Discourse about global warming Article 2 of the UN Framework Convention refers explicitly to “stabilization of greenhouse gas concentrations.” 223 To stabilize the atmospheric concentration of CO 2, emissions worldwide would need to be dramatically reduced from their present level. 224 Most countries in the world are parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change UNFCCC. 225 The ultimate objective of the Convention is to prevent dangerous human interference of the climate system. 226 As stated in the Convention, this requires that GHQ concentrations are stabilized in the atmosphere at a level where ecosystems can adapt naturally to climate change, food production is not threatened, and economic development can proceed in a sustainable fashion. 227 The Framework Convention was agreed in 1992, but since then, global emissions have risen. 228 During negotiations, the G77 a lobbying group in the United Nations representing 133 developing nations 229 :4 pushed for a mandate requiring developed countries to “take the lead” in reducing their emissions. 230 This was justified on the basis that: the developed world’s emissions had contributed most to the cumulation of gags in the atmosphere; per-capita emissions i.e., emissions per head of population were still relatively low in developing countries; and the emissions of developing countries would grow to meet their development needs. 89 :290 This mandate was sustained in the Kyoto Protocol to the Framework Convention, 89 :290 which entered into legal effect in 2005. 231 In ratifying the Kyoto Protocol, most developed countries accepted legally binding commitments to limit their emissions. Warming or cooling is thus a result, not an assumption, of the models. 135 Clouds and their effects are especially difficult to predict. Learn about global warming effects on salt water species . Furthermore,  97 percent of climate scientists agree  that the rate of global warming trends the planet is now experiencing is not a natural occurrence, but is primarily the result of human activity.

Long term effects: Scientists have been studying climate change closely. They have made many predictions about what we can expect to see in the future if we continue to keep up emitting greenhouse gases at the current rate. If sea levels continued to rise we would start to see coastal towns and cities disappear. In a process called post-glacial rebound , which happens when land masses are no longer depressed by the weight of ice, we could start to see increased cases of landslides and seismic and volcanic activity. Submarine landslides caused by warmer ocean water thawing ocean-floor permafrost could cause tsunamis. While we dont know all of the consequences that global warming will have, we have a pretty good idea of the horrible things to expect if we dont start to work on the issue now. What we are doing and what we can do Stay tuned! This blog post is part one of three. Global warming is clearly a big problem that needs to be addressed immediately.